Justin Smallbridge

Vancouver, British Columbia • 604-353-9202justin@justinsmallbridge.com


software and equipment

Apple/Macintosh Final Cut Pro X suite, Soundtrack, Garageband, Logic Pro X

Adobe After Effects, Premiere Pro, Audition, InDesign, Photoshop, Dreamweaver

Sony Vegas, Sound Forge, ACID Pro, CD Architect, DVD Architect, Cinescore

Microsoft Office

Shoot and light video with various camera systems and lighting kits. Operate various teleprompter systems.


Research, conceive, report, shoot, produce and edit video stories on a wide range of subjects (news, entertainment, features, sports) for national newswire service.

Edit video shot by reporters throughout the organization.

Material published by every major newspaper, broadcast outlet and online portal.

Voice performer for commercials, narration, video games and smartphone apps.

Work in various Vancouver studios for a range of clients.

Home studio with acoustically treated recording booth, Advanced Audio CM87 microphone, Steinberg UR22 D/I, MacBook Pro, Logic, Audition, Garageband.

freelance writer-producer Research, write and produce articles, stories, profiles, reviews, columns, books, segments, TV news packages, radio newscasts, movie and television production EPKs, video news releases, DVD extra feature packages and television newscasts.

Print clients include Time, Newsweek, Saturday Night, Maclean’s, Canadian Business, Time Out, Business In Vancouver, The Vancouver Sun, The Globe and Mail and National Post.

Broadcast clients include Global Television News, CBC radio and television news, CBC Newsworld, Entertainment Tonight US,  Force Four Productions (The Shopping Bags), Road To Rockstar: Supernova, Lifetime Television Network, Warner Bros., New Line and Spike TV.

Online clients include CBC Arts Online and NextMonet.com.

Researched and wrote one third (55,000 words) of Gold Rush, a book of profiles of mining companies and executives.

Media training with Jeff Ansell & Associates

media producer suzuki foundation Communications specialist for internationally known and respected environmental NGO.

Research, write, light, shoot, edit and produce video, including news releases, b-roll, how-to, humorous material, EPKs, trailers, web video. Operate and maintain teleprompter.

Write, record, edit and produce audio podcasts and radio features and PSAs airing nationally.

Write, edit, design, post and update web material, including video, audio, blog and web pages.

Sequence, produce and author DVDs.

Field media inquiries and questions on a wide variety of issues and angles.

Hire and manage sub-contractors and volunteers.

communications specialist suzuki foundation Communications specialist for the climate change team at internationally known and respected environmental NGO.

Research, write and edit speeches, news releases, book, magazine and website content, brochures, annual report copy, newsletters, marketing collateral and advertising copy.

Research, write, edit and post web content, including text, audio and video.

Devise and implement strategy and logistics for short and long campaigns, including national month-long 41-stop tour. 

Field media inquiries and answer questions on a wide variety of issues and angles.

Media training.

editor toronto business journal Responsible for all aspects of producing weekly business journal in Canada's biggest city; average edition size 36 pages.

Supervise, train and develop staff and freelance contributors.

Research and write stories, editorials, cutlines and headlines.

Page design and layout.

Write, edit, post and update web content.

Conceive, pitch and assign stories.

writer-producer ROBTV Wrote and produced 12 or more live top-and-bottom-of-the-hour newscasts for national cable business channel.

Wrote and produced daily 60-minute business wrap-up newscast.

Story research, selection and writing.

Newscast lineup.

Working with researchers, chase producers, on-camera talent, field and studio camera personnel, editors.

anchor-reporter citytv CP24 Anchored and wrote two to six hours live television news per day for cable news channel.

Interviewed guests live four times per hour.

Conceived, pitched, researched, wrote and produced tape packages and live shots.

Worked with producers, writers and researchers, studio and field camera crews, live truck crews and videotape editors.

Researched, booked, hosted and co-produced live call-in show.

media editor marketing Duties similar to those at Toronto Business Journal.

Conceived and coordinated special sections.

Award-winning columnist.

writer-producer cbc newsworld & radio Wrote, produced and coordinated resources for national radio and cable news channel newscasts; drafted newscast lineup, supervised live broadcasts in control room.

cbc arts & entertainment reporter Prepared and presented nightly live and tape package; duties include research, interviewing, writing, producing, supervising shooting and editing, live shots for Canadian Broadcasting Corporation's flagship Toronto affiliate.

Conceived, pitched, researched, wrote and produced and coordinated special sections.

Supervised shooting and editing.

Worked with studio and field cameras, remote trucks and crews, handled location logistics and production demands.

CBC Toronto writer-producer Wrote and produced 6:00 and 11:00 p.m. newscasts for Canadian Broadcasting Corporation's flagship affiliate.

Research, scheduling, newscast lineup.

Assigned and scheduled reporters, crews and feeds.

Management responsibilities similar to Toronto Business Journal

Supervised live broadcasts in control room.

global tv news writer-producer Wrote, produced and coordinated resources for national and regional television newscasts.

Responsibilities similar to CBC Toronto writer/producer position detailed above.

Justin Smallbridge

Vancouver, BC





Writer, Producer, Voiceover: Parrodoxx Pictures. Various clients: Avino Silver and Gold Mines Ltd., British Columbia Aboriginal Mine Training Assocation, Asiniy Gravel Crushing, Dakota Dunes Golf Course, Kitsaki Procon Mining, Constantine Metals Resources and others.

Producer/Editor, Walking Friends and Foes, three-minute promo video for SmartGrowthBC report on building more livable communities.

Director/Producer, The Shopping Bags, Season 6 (Force Four Productions). Conceived, wrote, produced and directed segments for 30-minute consumer guide/product comparison show; W Network, Lifetime TV.

Producer, A Girl Like Me: The Gwen Araujo Story EPK, Lifetime TV MOW.

Producer, Road To Rock Star: Supernova. (Rob Burnett Productions, Suddenly Seymour Productions, Canwest Global). Behind-the -scenes/making-of one-hour TV documentary about Canadian auditions for the second series of Rock Star.

Producer, Men In Trees (Warner Brothers Television) EPK for New York upfronts and Pasadena screenings.

Producer, Blade IV/Blade series. (New Line, Spike TV) EPK for TV series pilot; DVD extra features.

Producer, Eight Days To Live (Shaftsbury Films, CTV), EPK for CTV network MOW.

Field Producer, Entertainment Tonight segment on Lifetime TV MOW A Little Thing Called Murder.

Producer, A Little Thing Called Murder EPK (Lifetime TV network MOW)

“I have had the great pleasure of conducting media training programs using Justin Smallbridge and his expertise. Justin has what it takes to be a great media trainer. His two decades of experience in television, radio and print have taught him how to handle difficult interviews and how to discuss tough issues. In his media training work with me Justin has demonstrated: a natural intelligence that leads him straight to the point of complex stories; a sense of curiosity that helps him find the real issues; an impressive grasp of the language of business; a genuine ability to connect with people. Justin is able to turn around a media training exercise — including interview and news story — very quickly. I truly enjoyed his work in the media and he was an asset to my business.”

—Jeff Ansell

Jeff Ansell & Associates, Inc.

Communications Consultants

Thornhill, Ontario


*  *  *

“He is a consummate professional in all areas. areas. He retains an uncanny mental vault of information that can be referenced in seconds. His humor is subtle and clever. He has a great knack for mimicry and satire. His writing style leaves many so-called “writers” hacking on his literary dust. He is also a lot of fun to be around and plays well with  others. Whilst in the broadcasting biz, he always managed to meet his deadlines (many others couldn’t). Justin possesses a keen sense of the absurd and can see the irony in anything. This, ultimately, is what gives much of his work that “Smallbridge feel.” He tries to please everyone all the time and undertakes projects far more complex than his peers. He is passionate about just about everything and everyone around him. He is smart, quick, competent, inspirational, ambitious, funny. He is a loyal friend, a loving husband/ father and the only person I can always count on to tell the truth. As long as I’ve known him, I have never seen him back down from a challenge. Personally or professionally, he can always be counted on to ‘get the job done’.”

—David Cross

Toronto, Ontario


*  *  *

“Justin Smallbridge is one of the best journalists with whom I’ve had the pleasure to  work. He has terrific news judgment and he’s fountain of solid story ideas. His reporting is first-rate, and his writing is well crafted and creative. In print, his articles are clean and easy to edit. Because he’s open to editorial input, he is easy to edit. An experienced broadcast journalist as well as a writer, he knows what he’s doing when it comes to producing and editing broadcast news. His on-air style is charming and edgy, making for an entertaining and informing presentation. I’ve assigned many stories to Justin, and I’ll continue to do so — happily!”

—Mary Kathleen Flynn

Senior Editor/Senior Video Producer, The Deal & Tech Confidential,

New York City


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